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DOLPHIN STROKE SCHOOL Dolphin (Stroke School)

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Dolphin (Stroke School)


Stage 1: WHITE
The goal is "Freestyle, with an Introduction to Backstroke"
This stage integrates the foundation and breathing techniques previously learned in Swim School. Stroke School reinforces those habits while developing and critiquing proper stroke mechanics. 

Stage 2: RED 
The goal is "Backstroke"
Students will be introduced to the dolphin motion which will allow the students to incorporate the dolphin motion more easily into their breaststroke. 

Stage 3: YELLOW 
The goal is "Butterfly"
A lot of time should be spent on the hip and chest motions of the stroke. The kick and pull of the stroke will not be efficient until students have mastered the pulsing motion of the stroke.

Stage 4: BLUE
The goal is "Breaststroke"
A lot of time will be spent on the timing of the stroke and the coordination of the pull, breath, kick, and glide. The breaststroke is a “whip kick,” with the knees straight out from the hips and the feet rotating out.

Stage 5: GREEN 
The goal is "Endurance"
After the four strokes of competitive swimming have been learned, it is now time to build their endurance in each of the strokes. Students will also be introduced to various training techniques that may be used for a lifetime, whether in competitive swimming or casual exercise.