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The Boy Scouts of America have entered the Scuba Diving world… with a Scuba Merit Badge!

Blue Water Divers’ facility allows you to do all of the required work for your Scuba Course right on premise – our classroom is just steps away from our indoor heated pool. No questions as to where you have to be and when, and you are welcome to jump back into the pool at any time and at no additional cost, to refresh your skills or just tune them up. Our pool is heated to 90 degrees, so there’s no need for a wetsuit.

We have very special pricing on our Scuba Gear package which consists of high quality equipment that we custom fit for you… no worry about using an ill-fitting mask, or fins that “kind of” fit. The equipment you buy is appropriate for pool session and open water dives beyond your training dives. Because our facility is self-contained, we can customize your training to the days that are convenient for you.

We make it that easy for you. We have a Merit Badge Counselor on staff who is happy to meet with you to discuss your progress and to certify that you have completed all the exit requirements for your Scuba Merit Badge. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to get started!