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New Instructors!!!!

News Helena COMMENTS 29 May, 2024


They both were top of their IE class this past weekend at Lake Hydra.


Bailey came to us from a Ramapo College class back in January 2018 and got the “bug” and quickly went up the PADI ladder of training.

We all fell in love with her, and she started working part time at the store. After she graduated, she worked full time at the store until she was able to find a fulltime position in her field utilizing her college degree.

Bailey has been our go to Dive Master since 2019 and has become the model of what Dive Masters should be for BWD.

All the instructors wanted her to work with them and fought over who get her on TD weekends.

I know she will be a great instructor and all her students will be lucky to have her as their instructor.

Mike M. (AKA Mike #1)

Mike came out military and became a police officer. He started his diving career back in 1999 with some our original staff. Like Bob Wilson, Darrin and Jackie.

He then took a little break to get married and start a family and came back to 2019 and never left.

Mike somehow is able to juggle his family life, his police career, and his diving passion all at once. Don’t know how he does it.

He is by far one of the most patient guy I know and one of the most professional person I know.

When I have a student that need some TLC Mike is one of the DM’s I go to.

He is the most flexible DM’s we had. No matter what job or what class or what student he was assigned he did it with a smile.

They add such talent to our existing staff making BWD even stronger.

Please congratulate them the next time you see them.


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